The proprietary Otus SMX-12 Dual Recoil Management System pairs powerful coil springs with a premium recoil pad. Acting in concert, these components absorb a significant portion of the recoil impulse while extending the recoil cycle over a longer period of time to bleed off most of its remaining force. Even heavy 3.5-inch magnum shells are pleasant to shoot.

Otus SMX-12 stocks are properly shaped with substantial pistol grips and straight combs. These design features ensure natural pointability and also mitigate felt recoil by allowing the comb to slide under your cheek bone during the recoil cycle. The comb line itself is actually a recoil-absorbing material that offers additional protection, particularly when shooting vertically.

All Otus SMX-12 shotguns feature a large trigger guard, wide safety button and a serrated slide release button with large recess for ease of operation in cold weather with gloved hands. The leading edge of the trigger guard also has a scallop that assists with aligning shell bases for quick and intuitive reloading.

The primary controls of the Otus SMX-12 are oversized for positive operation regardless of field conditions, gloves or the stress of competition. The bolt handle is extended, textured and contoured. The bolt release is raised, enlarged and serrated, then positioned low and forward for intuitive operation with either hand.

The Otus SMX-12 magazine cap has deep spiral threads for quick, positive assembly and takedown in the field – even with gloved hands.

Extended choke tubes are included with each Otus SMX-12. Constrictions are cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full – each compatible with both lead and steel shot. Knurling enables quick changes in the field without the aid of a tool. The SMX-12 also accepts aftermarket choke tubes with Beretta Mobile or Benelli standard threads. The large fiber optic front bead stands out in any light.