About Us

Established during 2000 in Turkey’s famous gunmaking region centered around the city of Huglu, UTAS quickly made a number of significant contributions to the shotgunning world. In truth, what UTAS has accomplished could not have happened at other location.

The Huglu area is home to generations of skilled gunmakers who operate in a guild environment similar to those of Ferlach, Austria and Brescia, Italy. These craftsmen are highly specialized and the creation of a single firearm might involve a separate barrel maker, actioneer, stockmaker, finisher and engraver.

Guild firearms are among the finest in the world and generally very expensive. The founders of UTAS realized the potential of what could be done by blending this tremendous talent pool with technology and built a factory that facilitated the integration of old and new methods to create bespoke-quality shotguns on a continual basis. Finally, the favorable economics of doing business in Turkey as well as the friendly trading policies with the United States meant that shotguns produced at UTAS could be offered at surprisingly attractive prices on the American market.

Storied American gun companies were quick to partner with UTAS. Kimber was first, launching the UTAS-made Marias and Valier series of elegant double guns. Smith & Wesson followed, with their Elite double series as well as a modern semi-automatic. Addressing an entirely different market segment, UTAS also manufactures the UTS-15 shotgun – a technologically-advanced bullpup design with multiple feeding systems and a revolutionary all-polymer receiver.

The catalyst ideas for much of what UTAS produces originates at their UTAS-USA office near Chicago, Illinois. This location also serves as the import agent, distributor and shooting industry liaison. Separately, they also own and operate Otus, a company with a singular focus of providing exceptional firearms for the American market. The SMX-12 shotgun series is their initial offering.